Anti-aging hand & lip cream, 40ml

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Protects, repairs and hydrates intensely.

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▪ Protects, repairs and hydrates intensely.
▪ Corrects surface and color irregularities.
▪ Smooths and replumps the skin.
▪ Soft skin effect.
▪ Repairs the loss of skin firmness and elasticity.
▪ Smooths out lines and wrinkles.
▪ Rebuilds damaged lips while eliminating cracks.
▪ Plumps the skin.
▪ Moisturizes intensely.
▪ Protects and restores the barrier function.


Ultra quick penetration for lasting comfort, without any shiny nor greasy effect.




Apply as often as needed to the lips and their contour, and to the hands and nails.
The skin is repaired, smoothed and protected, with a lasting feeling of comfort.




7% LPG Repair complex
Tube 40ml





7% LPG Repair Complex

100% natural, purified white beeswax:

▪ Moisturizing and protective properties (rich in vitamin A).

▪ It forms a waterproof protective film on the skin that protects it from external aggressions and from drying out.

▪ Particularly effective to soften, smooth and moisturize the skin.

▪ It works like a second skin and reinforces the natural protective barrier of the skin.

▪ It brings long-lasting comfort and a velvety touch.



Quality of highly-refined and unsaponifiable-rich organic shea butter (origin: shea nuts). The benefits of shea butter come in large part from its high content of unsaponifiable components.

  • Repairs damaged lips.
  • Enhances and makes the lips feel comfortable, soft and evenly pink.
  • Soothes inflammation and rebuilds the integrity of the lips.
  • By strengthening the epidermis and restoring the barrier function, this active ingredient improves hydration and removes cracks on the surface of the lips.




High-tech formulas, maximized concentration of active ingredients, no parabens and no phenoxyethanol.

LPG Endermologie


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